A New Look at an Old Place

I went back to my alma mater today to meet with a Hall Director for part of an assignment that was basically designed to force us to go out and network.  I had a really good time because, to an extent, she confirmed some of the things that I was most concerned about — how relevant are all of the theories we read in Student Development Theory?  How challenging is it to transition from one school to another, where the culture is so different? 

But more than that, she was able to provide me with a somewhat different perspective of how I viewed Residence Life at my former institution.  As an RA, I had some of the best experiences of my life.  It altered my career path and really forced me to grow as a person.  But I have a set of perceptions about my former institution of learning and employment that perhaps are in need of revision from an objective perspective, though I know I wasn’t alone in sharing my views.

Some things to think about.  Nothing really meaty in this post, guys — just trying to find something to write about after that nine-page case study I wrote last night.

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