Professional Interests

As a Student Affairs professional, I’m interested in the growth and development of all students. In my experience so far, however, these are the student groups and issues of most interest to me:

LGBT Students — How well do they succeed? How do they persist? Is there a difference depending on where the school is located? What about at religiously-affiliated institutions?

Student Athletes — I don’t think people realize the unique academic, social, and physical pressure placed on student athletes. How do student athletes deal with stereotyping (e.g., “dumb jock”)? Are student athletes really students first and athletes second at D-I schools?

Graduate Students — How strongly do Graduate Students identify with their graduate school campus? What happens when graduate students attend the same institution as their undergraduate experience? How does it vary when graduate students have on-campus housing versus off-campus housing? Should we be trying to really cultivate the graduate student experience as well?

Men — How is the experience of men on a college campus different from the experience of women? Do they develop the same attachment and campus pride — particularly outside of athletics? How do we engage men in our leadership opportunities? Why are men no longer seeking out opportunities since institutions became coeducational?

RAs — How does the developmental process look for people who work in ResLife as RAs or CAs tasked with fostering the development of their peers? How do RAs navigate the potential conflict between policy enforcement and community building and how do they grow from navigating those dilemmas?

Student Conduct — Particularly the effect of honor codes versus prescriptive codes of conduct. How do student judicial boards compare to the more typical administrative hearings? How does the conduct process foster ethical and moral development within psychological frameworks (e.g., Kohlberg)?

Alcohol — How does alcohol play a role in the student experience? What is the social experience of students who do not partake? How does college drinking correlate with future alcoholism?


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